Chomp Chomp Food Centre, Singapore, Singapore

There are so many hawker centres in Singapore – whilst the tourists seem to favour Newton Food Centre (probably because part of the film Crazy Rich Asians was filmed there), the locals keep telling me to go to Chomp Chomp Food Centre for the consistently high quality and reasonably-priced food, and so one evening I went there to check out some of the food stalls there.

A Singaporean friend in the UK told me to go to Chomp Chomp Satay, as that’s his favourite, so that’s my first stop to order a plate of mixed satay.

Then I had to try the wanton noodles and that’s the next thing I ordered. Usually when I usually have wanton and noodles in a soup base, but in Singapore, it comes as a dry dish on a plate, with char siu added to it, and then the soup was in a separate bowl. Not a problem – I love everything on the plate anyway, and it’s nice from Swee Heng Wanton Noodle stall.

And then I spotted Chong Pang Huat Chicken Wings stall – A few days before this, I went to another food centre and the Chong Pang Huat stall was closed, so I was determined to get a few wings here to try them.

What can I say? I just love chicken wings anyway. The meat was moist and tender – if there’s one minor criticism, it’s the skin was not crispy enough for me.

I should have stopped eating by this time, as I was pretty full already, but then I ordered

Russell wanted to try the carrot cake, and so I ordered it from Chomp Chomp Fried Oyster stall. Whilst the carrot cake looked a bit on the dry side, it was flavoursome.

The best way to get to Chomp Chomp Food Centre by public transport is to take the MRT to Serengoon and then take the bus here. Apparently there are a few other eateries worth checking out nearby but I was way too full that evening to taste any more food.

Address: 20 Kensington Park Rd, Singapore 557269
Telephone: N/A
Website: N/A

Opening Hours: Daily 1600-0030

[Based on visits in January 2022]

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